Thursday, April 19, 2018


My father was an accomplished watercolorist, and one of the finest draftsmen I have ever met with a natural understanding of color and form. He was an Ad Man in the 60's and created logos entirely by hand. He loved drawing them almost as much as sketching people. I inherited my father's love of drawing. He certainly encouraged it in me when I was very young.

I recently completed a monogram for a commission, even though it had been canceled. I found myself so attached to the design that I decided to fabricate it. Something about it encouraged the identity of silver as a precious metal. Something Precious and Dear,  and something Glowing and Radiating such as is found in silver and good design.

In this piece,  the "script" of the letter accomplishes it's mission of free form flowing lines that interconnect and weave between themselves, telling a story in silver, in design, and beyond.

Kelly and Rocco, KR
Sterling Silver
60 mm x 60 mm

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  1. Yes our father is a hot shot illustrator and two dimensional line drawing force to be reckoned with.
    Supporting a family of 8
    In the 60's as multi task empresario in the advertising world (Mad Men) left a trail of stints with Sears/High Life Magazine/Lee Flairity/ and a cauldron freelance work for hire profitable endeavors!