Saturday, April 23, 2011

PINK is the NAVY BLUE of India

Have you noticed the bright balls of tissue paper pink hanging on the trees yet?
GET READY, it's just about the right time to see them.

One of the most beautiful cherry blossom trees in Chelsea, NYC, is on 8th avenue between 24 and 25 street. It should be in full bloom this week. What an awesome sight! Also worth noting in Newark, NJ, a spectacular grouping of cherry blossom trees in Branch Brook Park, that I don't think have opened yet...

Historically pink was actually a color used for infant boys. It referred back to the British minute men of the civil war and the tinge of red was borne from the brave red coats... Blue was the female infant's color since it referred to the pure Virgin Mary's mantle. Funny how times and attitudes change. But I am a big believer in PINK!

Yes the famous quote by Diana Vreeland heads this post. Remember Robert Redford wearing a pink shirt in one of his films - was it The Great Gatsby?

Years ago I bought a painting for $5.00 on the street in Greenwich Village. Every year this time I take it out to admire a very ambitious rendering of the cherry blossom trees that an unknown artist depicted.
It is one of my favorite paintings. Stay tuned here. I will post it next week when the blossoms really appear.

I say it's time for pink to have a come back! Where is the chivalry of our times?

At least we can act like it exists...

hmm do I feel an inkling for a pink painting....

until then here is a photo I shot of "my hood" in downtown brooklyn recently, on a lovely PINK morning: