Monday, July 27, 2020


How hard is it to be a leader in the world today.
I look at all the unrest in the world, the misery, sadness, hatred and greed.
I wonder where are our leaders.
I think surely a great one is at hand. That one will rise from the ashes of our own destruction and be the beacon of light that will guide the way leading us out of all this darkness and selfullness.
What I see is Noone wearing masks. No one on TV News.
Noone on TV period.
No leaders of our churches.

No priests wearing masks saying mass except in other countries.

Did you know you can actually speak through a mask?

No leaders.
Is it so hard to hold Faith.
Can we think of someone else besides ourselves.
Is there noone to look up to besides our own reflections.
Do not stand by ignorance. 

Do not give into self.  

Do not give into falsehood. 

Stand tall. Live today. 

Protect and respect.

Affirm and love. 

Now or never. 

Wear a mask always . 

The plague is around us. It is in us. It is selffullness. 

Value the sanctity of life.

Think of someone besides myself.

The Phoenix will arise in a blaze of glory more brilliant than we can imagine. 

Hope Eternal.

 Hope Eternal (Brooklyn Skie)