Sunday, November 23, 2014

an AZURED day in tom irizarry studio

Productive day in the studio. It all began with work on the blue sky in a painting.
Most of my clouds are made from azurite, a  mineral found in various areas world-wide.
I processed the making of azurite from the Congo - a gorgeous shade of deep blue with green as well as processing of a crystal stone from China which was more blue and  saturated in color.

Here is a rare example of a dazzling azurite crystal from Mexico. Stones like this are very easy to crush and make into beautiful pure blue pigment. However a specimen of this quality should be preserved,  since  it is an excellent example of pure azurite crystal formation (with exception of tiny spot of malachite). Here is the stone I am talking about (it's only 100g):

azurite crystal 100g from Mexico

Even crystal stones must be washed and purified. Here is the green blue that I washed out the purer blue pigment bowl:

let them be left
oil on canvas   18 x 22 inches  2014

Finally here is the painting, I added the azurite sky to:

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